Saturday, January 11, 2014

Santos Workshop

Christmas and Valentine's are great times to gather articles and trimmings for DIY Santos & Cloches.  I have an good collection started and I can't wait to get into the studio this weekend!

Of course my 16 year old thinks the dolls are "creepy", so I've been enjoying leaving them around the house in odd places to freak him out...sort of Elf on the Shelf scary doll style...Bahaha...

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

French + Country = Oui Haw!

So I'm resetting my car XM stations, (replacing the Christmas stations)
and I'm scanning around and what do I find? 
Photos of The Paris, Texas, Eiffel Tower, Paris
This photo of The Paris, Texas, Eiffel Tower is courtesy of TripAdvisor
 A French Country Music Station!!  Notable I think for two reasons:
1)  What could be more perfect for an aspiring glamorous farm girl? 
2)  That there is an audience large enough for it to people are out there!
It's called FrancoCountry and I recommend it when you're in the mood for something completely different.  It's fabulous, awful, funny and unique! 
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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Over the Hills and Through the Woods to Grandmother's Christmas Girl's Night

We had a wonderful Weekend sleepover with my (step) daughter and granddaughter after Christmas. 
It was so nice to get into our jammies and make some memories,
and I'm so glad Shannon thought of it!
My Christmas decorating started like this, there's a dining room table under there that didn't see daylight for weeks..
We took down our fence and now the deer come right up to the windows...
But Bella and Poppy don't seem to be bothered...
Let the Christmas Magic Begin!
We started with painting our own memory T-Shirts, I inadvertently smeared (some say sabotaged) Shannon's T-Shirt, but hers still came out the best!
They were definitely a success.  We put on Home Alone, which Cailin had just discovered, Grandpa (that would be my husband--whoa, weird!  and yeah I'm sure he's thinking the same thing
about me X 10.), he made old fashioned popcorn as we moved on to
DIY Christmas Ornaments.  Glass Globes, Epsom Salts, Glitter and Mini Brush Trees - we sprayed them with glue and sprinkled more Epsom salts on them,  Stuck them in the globes with a sticky dot attached to the base of the tree and topped them off with vintage looking Baker's Twine.  Below is a test version I made before they arrived.  I think these are just the right mix of homemade and elegance combined.
Isn't this photograph below pretty?  I didn't even edit her pics.  Shannon has a camera that's - gasp - not attached to her phone.  And she says it's not even that good.  Wish list for 2014:  Go camera shopping with her!
 Here's a few random shots of the decorations, but keep scrolling if you want to see our big Pinterest FAIL...
The dining room table reappears..
I made a few of these, It's been a tough year for several friends..
I made this Cloche, I'm obsessed with themed cloches and cages, especially Santos, hopefully I'll be posting more soon.
So I saw this pin.....I think this is the new version of "so I went to Las Vegas"...
No, we didn't get tattoos, but we did get a blobby mess.  I saw a pin called fairies in a jar,  I'm not gonna link it because, well, this was a fail.  And was our fault, I don't know.
Last adorable dog pic, promise..
The idea, cut open a glow stick, add glitter, shake and be an opaque jar of goop.
We learned:  Glow sticks have glass inside of them, and
Shannon has giant man-hands Bahaha, just kidding!
They are both super beautiful!
After dreaming of sugarplums, whatever they are, we had a full Christmas dinner with Shannon's boyfriend Dave and his kiddos.  Oohrah, we like him a lot!
Teenagers peeling potatoes and cutting onions.  I wish I had ten more just like 'em.
So happy to give them the "Kid's Table" Memories.
Blessed beyond measure, by the "Reason for the Season"!
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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A New Year's Resolution Worth Keeping

Goal, check.  Two of my favorite brands, Philosophy and Skinny Girl! 
 And all made possible by my husband's awesome birthday gift of a new bathroom-notice the beautiful marble in the background!
Happy New Year!

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Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Thanksgiving Pinterest Fail

I know I'll be pinning some great and beautiful Christmas ideas from Pinterest in December, but an occasional Pinterest fail reminds us that there's really only one Martha Stewart!
The Ideas (how brilliant am I to combine two ideas into one?):

Aaaaaand......don't do this too close to the smoke detector:
Happy pinning!  Follow me here!

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Saturday, November 23, 2013


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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcoming 2013: The Best of Both Worlds

Yep, it's pretty cool living in the mountains of Southern California.  The photos below were both taken within the same 24 hours!

Home: last day of 2012.....don't let the door hit ya.

Ocean Beach Pier on New Year's Day....that perfect rose was just. there.  Just. Cool.

Good things are on the way here, stay tuned...
Happy New Year!

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Zeroing in your Goals

                      Robin Hood Statue, Nottingham   source

Happy weekend!  I haven't been posting lately, but I've been busy!  Day job is crazy busy and full of exciting projects, and I'm really zeroing in on the direction I want to take my Etsy store and this blog.  More on this in the future, but I will say, I think just jumping out there and starting even when you are not sure where it will lead you is a wonderful thing.  I love the way things seem to be falling into place this year.  Are you experiencing this as well? 
Today I'm going to be spending time creating some unique Art Deco designs (hint), but I do want to take a moment to say thank you to Canadian artist Meghann at Little Studio for a very generous feature of BelleCosette on her blog.  To see the feature, click here, and be sure to browse the rest of her blog and her Etsy store, I know you will enjoy meeting her! 
Thank you also to Etsy member Anna Herrmann for including my Leopard Cuff Bracelet in her most recent Treasury.  She's a college student with an amazing eye for vintage and retro finds.  Be sure to get in her circle! Pin It

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Free Ephemera, Pure and Sweet

I have a sweet little bit of advertising ephemera for you today, and also some exciting news to share.  My Etsy store was featured on wonderful blog called SouthernScraps!  See the feature here.  SouthernScraps is written by Fonda, a fellow blogger and Etsian.  Be sure to check out her shop here, she makes beautiful cards, jewelry and other gifts.  Thanks so much Fonda, I've had some great sales this weekend, including one of the items featured, and an order all the way from Norway! 

There's nothing on the back of this card.  I'm thinking that it is for starch for clothing (I do remember my Mom starching my Dad's uniform!), I guess "pure & sweet" would be a way to advertise starch??  What do you think?
To download, just left click on the image, and when it appears in a new window, right click on the image and choose 'Save Image As' and it will save it to your computer.
Have a great Holiday weekend!
~ BelleCosette Pin It

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Colbalt Blues

What's on my radar this week?  Colbalt Blue!  I still don't have any blue in my home decor, but at least I can appreciate it elsewhere...and someday I will do some blues.  Now, in clothes, nature, and anyplace else I'm loving these deep blues.  Here's a sample of some of my favorites from my:
                                                            Colbalt Pinterest Board


Gotta have some Blue Suede Shoes (and snakeskin)!

                             An BelleCosette Cuff to match...

Are you thinking of trying a new color outside of your usual comfort zone?  Let me know, let's be brave together!

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